Best Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are using Microsoft Word, You should learn and know the number and variety of keyboard shortcuts you can used to speed up your work, and just generally make things more convenient.

Furthermore, it is not possible to memorize all these keyboard combos, Every person using MS Word has different needs, some will be more useful from these keyboard shortcuts to you than others. And even if you just pick up a few new tricks, it’s worth it. We’ve also tried to keep the list clean and simple. So you can print these commands that you want.

We have a long list of keyboard shortcut commands but this list is not complete at all. We have tried to keep the most useful commands in our list of keyboard shortcuts. You can use these commands whatever version of MS Word you have. 

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  1. I was searching this type of stuff from a long time. All the shortcuts at one place. I like it very much your stuf very much. Superb neat and clean design. Extra ordinary efforts to make it easier.

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