Computer Science ICS Part-I Ch-1 | MCQs & Long Questions Solved

Computer Science ICS Part-I Ch-1 | MCQs & Long Questions Solved

As the colleges are closed due to Covid-19 and Exams are neear. Students are worried about the exams, because they have no preparations from the exam point of view. In this regard, we have started preparing special edition lectures for the students of both parts ICS Part-I and ICS Part-II and for the FA(IT) Students. In this tutorial, we have discussed on some selected important Computer Science ICS Part-I Ch-1 | MCQs & Long Questions Solved from exam point of view and as per ALP Smart Syllabus.

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These MCQs have been prepared and solved by Sir. M. Irfan Shahid with the help of Experts according to the ALP Smart Syllabus. We hopte you will find these MCQs and Long Questions much effective than any other relevant material. These are available in PDF form for download on our Website and in Lecture form on our Youtube Channel.

Computer Science  Video Tutorials:

These tutorials are exclusively conducted in Urdu Medium to facilitate for Pakistani Students. Click the Link below to view or download PDF File contains Solved MCQs and Important Long Questions.

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