Gallium Oxide Transistors

Gallium Oxide Transistors – A New Invention

Gallium Oxide Transistors

Athika, New York: A new invention (Gallium Oxide Transistors) that makes electric trains, cars and planes possible has emerged, beating Silicon itself. That is, experts have developed a transistor that can withstand up to 8000 volts of electricity.

Although we are interested in electric cars, we do not want to carry heavy batteries because these batteries take up a lot of space whether it is a car or an electric plane. Scientists at the University of Buffalo have developed a transistor based on gallium oxide. Details of the IEEE Electron Device Letter were published in June. In it, experts explain all the details of how a small electric switch can handle 8,000 volts.

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The invention will help develop a new system that can handle large amounts of electricity. This sector is called Power Electronics. Another benefit is that it will go a long way in developing long-distance electric vehicles.

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Utam Sangi Sethi, an expert working on it, says that the transistor can handle a large amount of electricity and will pave the way for the construction of micro-grid and solid state transformers based on it. Experts have considered a special physical condition for this which is called ‘band gap’. This means how much energy is required for an electron to move during an electric current. Systems with high band gabs can withstand much power in very small sizes. In this respect, the band gap of gallium oxide is unusually large.

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But to protect the transistor, its surface is also covered with a special polymer and a layer called SU-8. Later, when the experiment was carried out, it was found that it tolerated 8,032 volts and then it responded.

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