HTML Basics

In this lesson we will learn about basics of HTML. Every HTML document starts with HTML tag. Although, it is not necessary but all HTML documents should start with tag. Every HTML code is written in between the HTML opening and closing tags. After HTML tags Head tag is written. Head tag contains header information like Title of the page and Meta information. This information is written between the opening and closing head tags. We will later discuss information written in these tags briefly.

We mention title of the web page through title tag. It is written between the opening and closing title tag because it contains header information. Body tag is an important tag all we have read till now. It contains the actual information that will be displayed on the web page. It starts with opening and ends with closing body tag. All the data and information will be displayed on the web page that is written between body tags. Whether its text, pictures, audio, video or links. You can view all the explanation about these tags in the video given below:

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