In this video tutorial we will learn about the use of HTML links (Anchor tag) and Images (Image tag), Links are found in nearly all web sites. Links are useful and allow users to move from one page to another easily. HTML links are also called hyperlinks. A link may be a text, an image or any other HTML element. You can click on a link and jump to another page or document easily. The HTML anchor tag () is used to define hyperlinks. Most important attribute of anchor tag is href attribute, which is used to indicates the link’s destination.

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After that the link text is used as the part of text that will be visible to the readers. By clicking on this text, the user will move to the specific page or URL address that the user want to move or see. Links can be used for opening the user’s email program and let them allow to send an email to a specific email address. mailto: attribute is used inside the href attribute for this purpose.

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Images are the main way that attract the users to your webpages. Images are used to improve the design and appearance of webpages. To add an image into a page () tag is used. Images are normally linked with pages. They are not inserted into webpages. The src attribute is used to specifies the path to the image whereas, alt attribute is used to specifies an alternate text for the image. 

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In this video tutorial you will learn the use of HTML anchor tag and HTML Images, you can learn in a simple and with an easy method. These tutorial are specially designed for the beginners. These tutorials are available on YouTube.

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