Working with HTML Lists

Lists play an important role in Web Development, Lists are used to combined similar items. In HTML, list are specified by using three ways. All lists must contain one or more list elements. In this tutorial, we will learn about the working with HTML Lists.

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  • <ul> – Unordered list is used to list items using plain bullets.
  • <ol> – Ordered list is used to list items by using different types of numbers.
  • <dl> – Definition list is used to list your items in such a way as they are stored and arranged in a dictionary.

Unordered Lists:-

HTML unordered list is a collection of similar items and have no specific order or sequence. HTML unordered list can be created by using HTML tag i.e. <ul>. The items of this list are marked with bullets. The type attribute is used in <ul> tag for specifying the different types of bullets. By default , it is a disc.

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Ordered Lists:-

Ordered lists are used to display the items when they are in a specific order. We used ordered list for sequence the steps of a specific information. We use different type of numbers (Decimal and Roman), letters (both Capital and lower letters).

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Difinition Lists:

Difinition lists are also called Description lists. We use these type of lists when we want to display something in a flexible way. We can use these lists when we want to associate one or more items.

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