Learn Microsoft Word 2016

Hello everyone, Welcome to the online page where you can find all the latest video lectures for Microsoft Word in Urdu & Hindi. These lectures are created specially for those students who want to learn Microsoft Office. This lecture series will cover all the topics related to Microsoft Word. 

In this course students can learn complete Microsoft word (Basic to Advanced level) with video tutorial by Sir. M. Irfan Shahid. You will be able to know, What is Microsoft Word, tour of Word, How to create New files and templates, Opening and Saving files, Text selection, styles, font size, formatting fonts and text alignment. Applying border and shading, Bullets and Numbering, Using Header and Footer, Applying Graphics Background in documents, Creating formatting and editing charts, Working with Multiple documents, printing documents and many more.

Table of Contents

 مطلوبہ سبق پر کلک کریں۔ نئی پوسٹ میں ویڈیو آ جائے گی۔

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