HTML Text Editors

This is our 2nd lesson learning Web Development using HTML. In this video tutorial we will talk about HTML Text Editors. HTML Text Editors are of much important to learn HTML. Simple as well as complex web pages can be created and modified by using simple text editors. For learning HTML, We recommend Notepad or Notepad++ for Windows users.

Here in this video tutorial we will use Notepad and will discuss how we can open Notepad on Windows 7 or earlier and Windows 8 or later? How we can create our first page of HTML in Notepad? How to save and run these HTML pages. All you have to do, be attentive and Liston our complete lecture and follow the instructions that are given in this lecture to learn Web Design and Development by start learning HTML.

This tutorial is live demonstrated by using first page example. By watching this video till end, hopefully you will be able to create, save and run your first HTML page.  This tutorial demonstrate the use of HTML text editors in a simple way.

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