HTML Table | Lesson # 7

HTML Tables | Lesson # 7

In this tutorial, You will learn about HTML Tables, and some other tags that are used in tables such as thead, tbody, tfoot, tr, th, td and many more in HTML 5 in Urdu. This tutorial is about tables and is created by Sir, Muhammad Irfan Shahid. You will learn about the features of tables in this tutorial.

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HTML Tables allow the Developers to arrange data in rows and columns. To define an HTML Table <table> tag is used. Similarly, we can define table header with <th> tag, table row with <tr> tag and data/cell is defined with <td>tag. By default, the text written in <th> tag is bold and centered aligned whereas, text written in <td> tag is always regular and left aligned.

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We can say that <td> elements are the most important cell of the table. They can contain any sort of data such as text, images, lists and even other tables also can be in a <td> cell. The <td> element is called container of data in HTML Tables.

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To add border to a table, we use CSS Border property. Border can also be applied to a table by using HTML border property. But mostly we use CSS border property. The border of HTML Tables when applied is separate for each row and column. We use “border-collapse: collapse” property to collapse border into one border.

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“Cell Padding” property is used to specify space between the border and cells of the table. To use this property for HTML Table cells and rows we always write “padding: value;” of the property. If we will do not use and specify this property. The cells will remain without padding. Similarly, we use “text-align” property to align text as left align, right align, center align or justify.

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